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Are you thinking about starting a business with the WhatsApp API SaaS Platform? Well, you’re in luck because WhatsCloud is here to help! And guess what? You can get the complete source code too.

Over 1K+ users are operating their businesses.

What is WhatsCloud 

Introducing WhatsCloud – a powerful Laravel-based SaaS platform designed specifically for WhatsApp marketing. With over 2 billion active users worldwide, WhatsApp has become a prime channel for businesses to connect with their audience and expand their reach. WhatsCloud empowers businesses to leverage the potential of WhatsApp by offering a comprehensive suite of features.

  • WhatsApp API Marketing Tools
  • Automation and Chatbot

Top Features of WhatsCloud

Do you want to know some features? Explore the standout features offered by WhatsCloud.

Businesses can send an unlimited number of messages to their audience.

Meta Approved Templates

Users can effortlessly create both standard and Meta-approved templates.

Bulk Messages

Users can easily send messages to multiple recipients simultaneously using our bulk messaging feature.

Scheduled Messages

Users can schedule their messages to be sent out at a specific time, ensuring they reach their audience exactly when intended.

Live Chat Support

Users can directly engage with their customers in real-time through our live chat support feature.


Chatbot Features

Users can set up chatbots using keywords or seamlessly integrate ChatGPT for enhanced conversational experiences.

Whatscloud teambox

Team Box Function

Users can establish team accounts and allocate specific live chat responsibilities to each member, streamlining collaboration and task management.

Rest API

Rest API Features

Users have the flexibility to create their own applications and seamlessly integrate WhatsApp API messaging into them. They can also integrate it into their personal websites and apps for enhanced communication capabilities.

Message Status and Reports

Users can easily track the status and access comprehensive reports for their messages.

Users can efficiently manage their lead tags and user notes for better organization and tracking.

Ideal Timing to Launch Your Business

We offer complete source code along with comprehensive documentation to kickstart your business seamlessly.


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Timely Updates and Expert Support from Our Professional Team

Stay ahead with timely updates and rely on the expertise of our professional team for dedicated support. We’re committed to ensuring your business stays on track and thrives.

License Type & pricing

Discover our range of licensing options tailored to suit your needs, ensuring you have the right level of access to our source code. Our licensing model is designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, from startups to enterprises.





As a WhatsApp cloud API SaaS platform, WhatsCloud has provided us with unparalleled flexibility and functionality. The source code is well-structured and easy to understand, allowing us to customize and tailor the platform to meet our specific needs.

- Simran Priya, An Entrepreneur

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